You probably know Stelth Ulvang from The Lumineers (“HO…HEY”), and now’s your chance to experience Stelth’s solo stuff at an ~intimate~ ~personal~ ~close~ ~steamy~ show at Bowles Hall. 

We can’t really tell you exactly what Stelth does, because he does it all. Dashing from piano to guitar to drums to accordion, the only instrument he hasn’t touched publicly would probably be the triangle, but we’re still unsure of the validity of that claim. Stelth’s solo music has been described as “raw and whimsical chamber folk,” enveloping at times just a simple folk song bursting at the seams. This show is bound to be a moody (in a good way) night of swaying and humming, and we’d love for you to join us. 


NICK JAINA: A solo musician from Portland, Oregon, Nick Jaina has released several albums on HUSH records and Fluff & Gravy Records. He also wrote a book. He may make you cry. Only way to find out is to come to the show.

ELIJAH EGBERT: A Sacramento native (hello Lady Bird) with an affliction for the piano, Elijah Egbert will be opening up the show with his melodic sounds. 

Come through Friday, because chances are even if you hate music you’re probably curious what the deal is with the castle by the Greek. Experience Bowles at its fullest and share a night filled with melody, good vibes, and an intimate performance from some great musicians.

Friday, March 16th
8 PM
Bowles Hall
1928 Stadium Rim Way, Berkeley, CA

FREE with Cal ID