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No one likes a cock block. We’re bringing you an absolutely hilarious movie, even more hilarious than your transcript from last semester. Starring Nobel Laureate* John Cena and actress Kathryn Newton, Blockers is a movie that concerns your roommate. The act of cockblocking is one that has been around for decades, centuries in fact, and it’s something that’s unfortunately probably happened to you.

Blockers tells the story of three parents attempting to stop their daughters from doing the deed on prom night. Chaos ensues, as naturally, this is not what the daughters want. What happens next? Go see the movie you pretzels!!

*note: John Cena is in fact not a Nobel Laureate. 

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfFcaV5O7SU

15th March, 2018
Location: UA Theatre 7
7pm - 10pm
FREE with Cal ID