Hahaha. Sorry, I just told a really funny joke, want to hear it? Well, I am assuming your answer was yes, so with that being said, you will have to come out March 7th to our biannual open mic night. If listening isn’t your thing, you are probably a gemini, but also you are probably the perfect person to perform at this event. Regardless, if you are a human who likes to laugh at people or at yourself come out to Pappy’s to have the night of your life.

What is even better than the euphoric feeling of laughter? Answer: the fact that this event is FREE! So really, what is your excuse? That was rhetorical, you don’t have an excuse, especially because you don’t have to be 21+ to attend!!

SIGN UP TODAY: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aPRaH3fFI0ENKon7ESRSsiPbEFTVkljEuWZV6JvL7pA/edit?usp=sharing

**Event Details**
Date: March 7th
Time : Doors open at 6:30, ends at 9
Place: the one, the only, Pappy's

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