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Are you the comedic genius of your friend group? Of the school?? Looking to assert your comedic dominance??? Well then come on out to SUPERB’s legendary biannual comedy Open Mic Night & let’s see what you’ve got! 

Performing not your thing? Just not that funny? Then just sit back, relax, and support your fellow students for the low low price of FREEEEE.
Destress and get ready to laugh so hard you cry, with [at the expense of] your fellow students!

Be sure to sign up on the Google form (link below) if you’re ready to lay 👏 it 👏 all 👏 out 👏 there!

SIGN UP FOR YOUR SPOT HERE:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15-FRtFEGT5Yu54s47oD1o6cjBtiMszmVkQC5azl6bLY/edit?usp=sharing

Thursday, March 8th
7:30-9 PM
Pappy’s Grill & Sports Bar
FREE with Cal ID