Hi everyone this is the first ~official~ ASUC SUPERB podcast brought to you by SUPERB Marketing featuring Shikhar and Seena.

SUPERB is a student-run, non-profit branch funded by the ASUC at the University of California - Berkeley. Founded in 1964, we are dedicated to providing entertainment for the campus and community.

This podcast series will feature events by SUPERB events on campus, events/news off campus, guest speakers, and anything that catches our eye.

Feel free to leave any feedback/comments on improvements or just want to give your opinion on the topic. We're a couple of amateur podcaster and would love to improve!


On episode 1 we talk about the SUPERB screening of "Blockers" and our concert featuring Stelth from the Lumineers. Additionally we talk about people like Kamala Harris, Marshawn Lynch, Steve Aoki etc.